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The last few weeks have been a sobering but empowering reminder that our pursuit of fitness truly has a far greater purpose than looking good naked. We are fighting a war against sickness, chronic disease, weight gain, pain, aging, mental disorders, injury, and/or a poor quality of life.

COVID-19 hasn’t slowed down GRITT Athletics; it’s created lots of little GRITT satellite gyms! Now we are all over the city in basements, garages, living rooms, and even 7th story balconies.

Now more than ever your, commitment to your health and fitness must remain a top priority. Doing this will keep your immune system and mental health stay at its best. We are ready and prepared to help that happen.

As of May 20, we have resumed in-gym sessions that comply with Fraser Health and the BC Re-start Plan.

We have optimized the facility layout for a safer and superior training experience across the board. Each person will have 100 sq feet of designated gridded space with a personal pull up bar and squat rack to minimize crossover and shared equipment. This new layout provides for proper social distancing with set caps to avoid any overflow.

We’ve also added 30-minute gaps between classes to minimize crossover, allow for proper entry processes, and a thorough cleaning treatment. Between each session and every night, all equipment and floors will receive a fully approved, medical-grade antibacterial disinfectant treatment.

Here are some other guidelines in place.

  • Please enter the gym only 5 mins before your class begins.
  • All personal belonging (except minimal gym accessories) are to stay in your vehicle.
  • When you come in, proceed directly to your square and do your best to stay within the marked off area.
  • At the end of you class you will have 15 mins to cool down, stretch, wipe all equipment touched and vacate the gym.
  • Each station will have its own cleaning supplies that will need to be used after each class.
  • The locker rooms and showers will be closed until further notice. Please ensure you are ready in your attire before the class (with the exception of a shoe change).
  • The water fountain and bottle filling station will also be closed.  Please bring your own water.
  • The Handicap washroom will be open and fully stocked with sanitizing supplies.
  • Please use hand sanitizer when entering and before leaving the gym.
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