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June 15, 2020

In late May we welcomed back our members to a new (and you could argue improved) way of working out. The changes we’ve made ensure the safety of our members and in no way prohibit them from getting a great workout! While we know that, we’ve been getting some questions around our training programs and what a new member could expect from joining the GRITT community.

So we’d thought we’d help you out and answer the most topical questions we are getting:

  • What can I expect if I were to join GRITT right now?
      • Any new members will have a similar experience to before, but will benefit from smaller class sizes with your own safe space to workout. You’ll get the same workout (but with more cleaning protocols ;)).
  • But is it really possible to get a good workout in a confined space?
      • OF COURSE! The workout is the same if not better in your own space. You’ll have your own designated equipment to make sure our sessions are still high-impact and geared to make you sweat!
  • I am interested in trying GRITT, but am new to CrossFit and am not sure if one free class would be enough. Do I have any other options?
      • We strongly suggest our GRITT Foundations course – it consists of three  1 on 1 sessions where we teach all the movements and give you everything you need to help decide if CrossFit is right for you.
      • We also offer drop-in classes for $20/class where you are welcome to  join one of our regular classes. Keep in mind that with drop-in while you will have a trainer supporting you along the way, you will not have the 1 on 1 provided to you in our Foundations course.
  • Can I do anything other than CrossFit at GRITT?
      • With the new protocols in place and limited capacity,  we are primarily  hosting  CrossFit classes. In time, we will  bring back and add on additional programs to meet demand. All movements and exercise can be modified to suit anyone’s abilities, so don’t let that be a deterrent!  We also have Personal Training available for those who want to take advantage of some 1 on 1 sessions. And if you’re feeling ambitious, we have members that take part in both our Personal Training program and our CrossFit classes.
  • Why should I choose GRITT over other gyms in Langley?
      • We know our members could go to another gym or find another way to achieve their fitness goals, but they choose GRITT because of our community. We are proud of our facility and our programming, but more importantly we’ve cultivated a community of like-minded, hardworking, friendly and supportive individuals.  We strive to give everyone who enters our doors the best 1 hour of their day!!

Have more questions about our gym, our trainers, and our workouts?  Learn more about the best place to workout in Langley and how we can help you reach your fitness goals.



Unit 102 – 20445 62nd Avenue
Langley, BC V3A 5E6


Phone:  604-358-8064


Monday - Thursday
530am, 630am, 930am, 1030am (open gym), 430pm, 530pm, 630pm

530am, 630am, 930am,(open gym), 430pm, 530pm

9am Only



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